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Julian Vincent

Julian Vincent took the newly-created Chair in Biomimetics in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath in October 2000. His MA (zoology) was from Cambridge; his PhD (insect hormones) and DSc (insect cuticle) were from Sheffield. He spent most of his research career in the Zoology Department at the University of Reading, studying the mechanical design of organisms and working out ways in which aspects of the design can be used in technology. During his last 9 years at Reading he ran the Centre for Biomimetics, which he had started with a professor from the Department of Engineering in Reading. He has published nearly 300 papers, articles and books covering aspects of mechanical design of plants and animals, complex fracture mechanics, texture of food, design of composite materials, use of natural materials in technology, advanced textiles, deployable structures in architecture and robotics, smart systems and structures. His remit in the University of Bath is to introduce concepts from biology into engineering and design, thus making the adaptive design of organisms available to advanced engineering design and control.

Forthcoming and recent courses at Schumacher College

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