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James Marriott

James is a writer, artist, activist and naturalist. He is a Co-Director of PLATFORM, which since 1983 has brought together artists and activists to create projects and campaigns that help the struggle for ecological & social justice in London, PLATFORM’s home, and distant elsewheres impacted by that metropolis.

Current work includes a campaign against the proposed oil law in Iraq, a series of performances about BP and climate change for oil analysts and journalists, a living memorial to the Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, a book exploring the psychology of those who work within major corporations, and a campaign to stop the Royal Bank of Scotland being the major European private financier of oil & gas development. Recent productions include ‘And While London Burns’, an operatic audio walk about climate change and ‘The Next Gulf – London, Washington & the Oil Conflict in Nigeria’ (Constable 2005).