Schumacher Alumni Network

Schumacher Alumni Network

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The Schumacher College Alumni Network platform is designed to connect the College's growing worldwide community, share news and ideas and act as a springboard for new ventures.

Schumacher Network Community Facilitator Mar Michelle Hausler said: "I hope it will be a place where people can connect and share views on life and on events as well as being a place for group discussions. They may be on a remote island somewhere and would love to connect with us and share ideas."

Since Schumacher College launched in 1991 it has attracted over 20,000 people from nearly 90 countries for short courses, symposia and post graduate study.

Although the platform was principally designed with Schumacher alumni and friends in mind, it welcomes any member who is committed to a fairer, more sustainable world.    As well as serious discussions the platform will also reflect the lighter side of college life with live videos of cooking in the kitchen and online dancing sessions. 

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