Finding Our Way Home: Ritual, Ceremony and Connection

Finding Our Way Home: Ritual, Ceremony and Connection

Finding Our Way Home: Ritual, Ceremony and Connection

What does it mean to really belong to a place, a community, an ecosystem? So much of the way that ‘modern life’ is lived is displaced from the land, other people and the living beings around us. Western culture is one of movement, competition, isolation and consumerism and along the way many people have become resigned to the loss of home - somewhere we truly feel we belong.  Deep down we feel the hiraeth, the homesickness, and yet don’t know where this feeling of sadness comes from or how to heal it. We search for relief amongst the things that have caused us disconnection from our place and catch only glimpses of a different way to be, a way of magic and mystery and wildness and soul; a way that perhaps we have somehow lost and long to return to.

One place in which western culture looks to learn about deeper connection is the indigenous traditions that remain on our planet – timeless ways of living that honour the relations between ourselves, the creatures and the land around us. These traditions seem to hold a sense of spirit central to a harmonious way of being on the planet that has been somehow displaced in the West. And yet, so much ‘difference’ now exists between the two cultures, so much grief is held by so many for the abuses and disrespect of the past and present. How do we begin to bridge the gap in order that we can learn from each other? How can we find the common ground that makes us all indigenous once again to Planet Earth? How can we all find our way home regardless of the culture, lineage, beliefs and place that we find ourselves within?

The below short courses are part of our Becoming Indigneous experiential programme in which we will be aiming to create our own indigenous practice. No previous experience is necessary, just an openness to learn from other traditions, cultures and stories, to explore and to experiment.

Join us this autumn as we look at how ritual, ceremony and healing practices from South Africa, North America and the British Isles can inform how we live today in a modern world connected to community, ancestry, the natural world and ultimately ourselves.

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The Bones of Ritual – Conversing With The Natural World 2017
18/09/2017 to 22/09/2017

With Colin Campbell and Lucy Hinton
Join us for a personal exploration of purpose and meaning using traditional wilderness techniques and ritual practices from South African Traditions. As well as teachings and conversation on the cosmology of these traditions and how they bridge to our modern times, places and cultures, this programme will include divinatory bones readings, a magical steam ritual and a supported solo vision quest on Dartmoor with reflection, sharing and integration in the classroom and wild surrounds of Schumacher College. Read More...


Making Ceremony: A Call and Response
02/10/2017 to 06/10/2017

With Colin Campbell and Pat McCabe 
Join us as we look at the oldest methods of conversing with the natural world – making ceremony – from North American and South African indigenous perspectives.  What can we learn about our own relationship and conversations with life around us – what is our call and response? Read More...



The Wounded Healer – Bringing the World Back to Life
09/10/2017 to 13/10/2017

With Pat McCabe and Lyla June Johnston
How does the wisdom that indigenous cultures hold, contribute to the map of restoration that the world is seeking? In this week, we bring together mother and daughter, Pat McCabe and Lyla June Johnston, to look at global healing practice from the perspective of North American traditions. Read More...


Programme Content

These short courses are a rich mix of ceremony, celebration, joint exploration, experiential and taught learning, personal inquiry and creative expression. We will be learning from the land, each other and our own personal stories of the past and future. The programme is led by teachers, who have expertise in different indigenous traditions from Southern Africa, Native America and the British Isles. They will be holding the threads throughout the residential and online components.

You will experience rituals, ceremines, stories and sharing around the fire. You will connect with the woods, the land, the moor, the sea and each other, reading, integrating and where possible attending additional closed sessions and tutorials with course teachers and  faculty members at the College. In addition we intend to offer an introductory approach to traditional craft making and bush skills to complement the sacred ritual and ceremonial ways of knowing.participant as we build and develop the knowledge and wisdom in this subject area.


This programme will take place in the elegant and magical indoor and outdoor spaces of medieval Dartington Hall - in Schumacher College's second venue, The Elmhirst Centre. You will be studying alongside other participants who are attending week-long short courses which means there will be a rich mix of short and long-term learning community.