Right Livelihood Programme Terms and Conditions

Right Livelihood Programme Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Data protection information

Schumacher College and the Dartington Hall Trust will use your booking information for the course application process and add your email address to our general email list, unless you ticked the opt out box on your booking form. This information will not be disclosed to any other person, or organisations, except directly in connection with the above purposes. If you have a query about our use of your data, please contact us directly.

1. The course fee includes all tuition, accommodation, meals and field trips in the three residential modules and the on-line study circle and mentoring.  It does not cover travel to Bhutan or the UK, travel insurance or incidental expenses.

a)     To book your place a £150 deposit, or full payment, is required.

b)     If you book within six weeks of the course start date, the full course fee is payable at the time of booking.

c)     If you are booking within 7days of the course start date, full card payment is necessary to confirm your place.

d)     The course will be confirmed to run approximately six weeks before its start date.

e)     Once the course is confirmed the deposit becomes non-refundable.

f)      If, having paid the full fee, you wish to cancel more than four weeks before the start of the course, the fee minus the deposit will be refunded.

g)     If, having paid the full fee, you wish to cancel less than four weeks before the start of the course, then 50% of the fee minus the deposit will be refunded.  If you cancel within one week of the start of the course or once the course has started, then no refund is payable.

h)     Any travel, or other arrangements, made for your participation on the course are entirely made at your own risk

 2.                  You are responsible for transfer fees and bank administration fees. Please check the amount of these fees with your bank at the point of transfer and add any transfer fees that might be incurred with your payment.

 3.                  Schumacher College advises you not to make any irreversible arrangements, travel or otherwise, until you receive confirmation that the course will run.

 4.                  Course cancellations are rare, but if Schumacher College has to cancel a course, all fees paid will be refunded (unless you choose to accept any substitute we may offer), but no liability can be accepted for any consequential losses you might incur.

You are advised to insure yourself against any losses due to either you having to cancel your place, or the course being cancelled.  Full travel insurance to cover your residential stay in Bhutan as part of the programme is required before a visa for Bhutan can be issued.

5.                  The College reserves the right to make changes to the advertised teachers and programme as necessary.

6.                  Unless we have been notified explicitly of any dietary, or other requirements at the time of booking and have agreed to them, we cannot guarantee that they will be met.

7.                  Schumacher College reserves the right to reject an application without explanation.

8.                  Schumacher College reserves the right to require a participant to leave the college during a course if her, or his, continuing attendance is not in the best interests of the other participants or the college.

9.                  UK Immigration Law - On the 1st April 2009 changes to the UK's Immigration Law came into effect. The changes affect people from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland entering the UK to study. Please ensure that you have a legitimate right of entry into the UK.

For further information about Immigration Law, please visit the UK Border Agency website at www.bia.homeoffice.gov.uk (link is external) (link is external) and www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/studyingintheuk (link is external) (link is external)

10.                  I consent to the use by Schumacher College of any photographic, audio recording and video material from the course that might include myself.  If you have any query about the use of the photographs and recorded materials, please contact us.

11.                 Due to the nature of the Right Livelihood Programme, these terms and conditions replace the standard Schumacher College Short Course Terms and Conditions.