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Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, leaders and activists come to teach at Schumacher College.

Where possible we share their inspirational contributions through our series of Earth Talks open to the general public – most of which are filmed so that we can spread the word more widely. The latest of these, our 'Joy of Six' series, can be watched in full here.

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Listen to a variety of podcasts from leading contributors.  Make sure you scroll down to view all available playlists.

Schumacher College: Podcasts from faculty and contributors

Laser Talks: Art After The Collapse

Art After The Collapse is a provocative series of talk events at Dartington recorded in 2019. Featuring 15 leading artists and thinkers, the talks focus on how artists can point us at directions for ‘deep adaptation’ to a climate and ecological collapse that some say has already started to happen.

Inspired by the school climate strikes, Dark Mountain and Extinction Rebellion, this series takes as its starting point the ways in which artists and thinkers are already reimagining how we can create different futures given that we may face significant tipping points.