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Ecology, Art and Creativity Links

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery – Australian art dealer Rebecca Hossack is a dedicated environmental campaigner and a Board member of Resurgence Magazine. Her gallery is a champion of non-Western artistic traditions, being the first in Europe to exhibit Australian Aboriginal painting.

Artists in Nature International Network (AININ) – AININ is a platform for encounter with artists interested in Site Specific Art in the context of nature.

Common Ground – is internationally recognised for playing a unique role in the arts and environmental fields, distinguished by the linking of nature with culture, focussing upon the positive investment people can make in their own localities, championing popular democratic involvement, and by inspiring celebration as a starting point for action to improve the quality of our everyday places.

The Landscape & Arts Network – unites professionals and others concerned with the quality of the urban and natural environment. The Network acts as a platform for discussion and the exchange of ideas by organising regular meetings, events and study tours. Members are encouraged to network with each other, which is facilitated by regular bulletins.

The Audubon Society was named after the American naturalist and wildlife painter John Audubon who lived from 1785 to 1851. In only three months more than 38,000 people joined the society, aimed at the protection and preservation of wild birds.

The motivation behind Jade Buddha is to offer a comprehensive overview of Buddhism including the origination and use of the jade mineral in Buddhist sculpture.

Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE) – Founded in October 1992 to promote the exchange of ideas and information about literature and other cultural representations that consider human relationships with the natural world.

Environmental Writing Institute – The Institute forms part of the University of Montana’s Environmental Studies Program and organises an annual Institute bringing together essayists, journalists, scientists, outdoor writers, and natural historians from around the US.

Arvon Foundation – runs residential courses open to anyone over the age of sixteen with a real desire to write. Courses last for four and a half days and cover many genres, including poetry, fiction, stage drama, and writing for TV and radio. Each course is tutored by two professional writers, with a mid-week guest reader and up to sixteen course participants. Courses take place in one of three beautiful sites in the UK : Totleigh Barton in Devon, Moniack Mhor in Scotland and Lumb Bank in Yorkshire.

The John Clare Society was founded in 1981 to promote a wider and deeper knowledge of this remarkable poet. It currently has about 550 members worldwide. Born in 1793, the son of humble and almost illiterate parents, Clare grew up in the Northamptonshire village of Helpston and made the surrounding countryside his world. His formal education, such as it was, ended when he was eleven years old, but this child of the ‘unwearying eye’ had a thirst for knowledge and became a model example of the self-taught man. As a poet of rural England he has few rivals.

Ty Newydd – The National Writers’ Centre for Wales which runs creative writing courses in English and Welsh for people at all levels of experience . It also runs courses for school groups.

The Mesa Refuge invites people to think and write about the edges between human activity — capitalism in particular — and the natural world we are obliged to preserve. The Refuge welcomes writers who need the solitude essential to creative work — the time apart, the freedom from the interruptions of daily life. Essayists, journalists, economists, naturalists, playwrights, poets, writers of memoirs and visions — all are welcome. The Mesa Refuge is a creative retreat. There is a settling in, a letting go, a connecting with nature’s muse, a finding of a creative rhythm, and a preparation for returning to civilization. Residents are offered the gift of time and space.

Chris Drury, UK based Land Artist, working with nature.