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Dissertations, Essays and Articles

students taking a break from writing dissertationsThe following selected dissertations, essays and articles were produced by students who attended postgraduate courses at the College.

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All work is reproduced by kind permission of the authors, as identified in their original submissions. All work is assumed to have been produced by the stated author, original and free of copyright and Schumacher College accepts no responsibility for any infringement on behalf of the author, whether intentional or otherwise.

For permission to reproduce extracts in whole or in part, please contact the College directly.

Rafaela Graça Scheiffer

Rafaela Graça Scheiffer - Towards a Non-violent Leadership

Rafaela Graça Scheiffer | 2017 | Towards a non-violent leadership | This article is part of the evaluation for the elective module 'Leading in the Midst of Complexity' - MSc Holistic Science. In this article, I draw my interest towards non-violence to illustrate how I started being a practitioner. Therefore, I present my perceptions in relationship to the thinking of leadership thinkers and bring memories of my behavior in groups.

Philip Franses - Living Ambiguity

Philip Franses | 2006 | Living ambiguity. Contextual choice in the outcome of DNA. Ambiguity allows one to approach the grand canvas before the world has determined how it will represent itself, as the common or the exceptional. The attempt to encapsulate the whole of life into one concept changed into seeing the world emerge from one idea.

Glenn Edney - Honouring Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Glenn Edney | 2012 | Honouring Traditional Ecological Knowledge: A qualitative approach to assessing the health of marine ecosystems.

Sai Sam Hkam - Way of The Elders

Sai Sam Hkam | 2011 | Way of The Elders | Myanmar is a country rich in biodiversity and culture. From the snow-capped mountains of the north to the tropical coral islands of the Andaman sea to the South, it harbours diverse ecoregions, flora and fauna. Culturally, Myanmar’s 138 different ethnic groups possess colourful cultures

ChangeLAB in Action - Anne Solgaard

Anne Solgaard | ChangeLAB in Action | 2007 | In this paper I look at the source of creativity both as a cosmic phenomenon born out of chaos as well as a response to and expression of different ways of knowing. I will address creativity from a perspective of holistic science; henceforth my attention is on convergent and multifaceted approaches in quest of insight and momentum to foster creativity for individuals in groups

Perceiving The Whole - Tom Butterworth

Tom Butterworth | 2004| Perceiving The Whole | This thesis is an attempt to move toward the acceptance of the use of the whole person in science and to understand what this means, both to science and the scientist.