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Business and Sustainability Links

Fritjof Capra Ph.D., physicist and systems theorist, is a founding director of the Center for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley, California, which promotes ecology and systems thinking in primary and secondary education. Dr. Capra is a regular visiting teacher at Schumacher College both on the Business and Sustainability courses as well as our longer three-week programme. He is the author of several international bestsellers, including The Tao of Physics, The Turning Point, and The Web of Life, and most recently Hidden Connections. He also co-wrote the screenplay for Mindwalk, a film based on his books.

Ray Anderson Founder and chairman of Interface, the world’s largest producer of commercial floor coverings. He was co-chairman of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and author of Mid Course Correction, which describes his and Interface’s transformation to environmental responsibility.

Ed Mayo Director of the new Economics Foundation a pioneering organisation which promotes ethical and sustainable economic activity. He is a board member of the UK Social Investment Forum and Chair of the Jubilee Coalition.

Amory Lovins Co-founded the Rocky Mountain Institute and was described by NewsWeek as “ one of the Western world’s most influential energy thinkers.” He works with the business sector and is co-author of Natural Capitalism, a book which seeks to describe “capitalism as if living systems mattered.”

Gunter Pauli A director of the Zero Emissions Research Initiative ZERI, which promotes the design of agricultural and industrial production systems which generate no waste, and is currently implementing such projects in every continent except Antarctica.

Karl-Henrik Robert Creator of The Natural Step, an organisation that provides a science-based learning process which has enabled organisations such as Scandic Hotels, Carillion, McDonalds and the city of Gothenburg to take great strides towards sustainability. Peter Price-Thomas is part of the UK and US Natural Step teams.

Hazel Henderson Author and consultant on sustainable development. She is a Fellow of the World Business Academy, and a board member of the Worldwatch Institute and the Calvert Social Investment Fund

David Orr Based at Oberlin College, USA. David oversaw the development and construction of the award-winning green college building at Oberlin. He is also author of Ecological Literacy and Earth in Mind : On Education, Environment and the Human Prospect

Jonathon Porritt Former Director of Friends of the Earth. Co-founder and Director of Forum for the Future. In July 2000, he was appointed Chairman of the new UK Sustainable Development Commission

John Elkington Co-founder and Director of SustainAbility Ltd., a highly respected consultancy firm whose clients have included Shell,ABB and Volvo. He read the bestselling Green Consumer Guide and Cannibals with Forks.

Tessa Tennant Pioneered ethical investment in the UK and is now Director of Social Investment Policy at Henderson Investors. She is on the UK government’s Advisory Committee for Business and the Environment.
Text of Tennant’s millennium lecture, hosted by Prime Minister and Cherie Blair at Downing Street, December 2000:

Janine Benyus Life sciences writer and author of six books, including her latest Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. She consults with sustainable business and government leaders, serves on the Dream Team at Interface, Inc., and gives talks about what we can learn from the genius that surrounds us.
Audio interviews at: