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Video Archive – ‘Voices for the Earth’

Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, leaders and activists come to teach at Schumacher College.

Where possible we share their inspirational contributions through our series of Earth Talks open to the general public – most of which are filmed so that we can spread the word more widely.

This video archive dates back to 2010 and represents a wealth of insight and information about the pressing issues of the 21st Century, through different voices speaking on behalf of the Earth.

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Rob Hopkins: Recipes for Resilience

Rob Hopkins explains how doing transition is like baking a cake.

Deepak Chopra : Physical Healing, Emotional Wellbeing

Deepak Chopra talks about how we can be liberated from stress, burn out, depression, immune dysfunction, relationship pressures and other emotional and physical illnesses.

Deepak Chopra: Rabindranath Tagore's Relevance for the Future of Spirituality and of Humanity

Deepak Chopra argues that Rabindranath Tagore’s contribution to our understanding of spirituality is deeply needed to repair our soul and heal our planet.

Mary-Jayne Rust: Ecopsychology - Shadow and Transformation

Mary-Jayne Rust talks about the importance of facing the personal and collective shadow of the ecological crisis. In a dark time the eye begins to see.

Dave Key: Applied Ecopsychology

Dave Key presents the WWF Natural Change Project as a successful case study of applied Ecopsychology.

Aruna and Bunker Roy: Two Approaches for Transformative Development

Aruna Roy is a recipient of Magsaysay award – valued as the Asian Nobel prize – for community leadership and international understanding.Sanjit “Bunker” Roy is an Indian social entrepreneur who, in 1972, established the Social Work and Research Centre, now known as the Barefoot College

Robert Chambers: Development - What the Professionals Miss

Robert Chambers is a research associate at the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex and author of the influential book, Rural Development: Putting the Last First

Gunter Pauli: Bhutan and the Blue Economy

Gunter Pauli presents fascinating examples of new innovations and business models that can offer simple solutions to many global challenges.

Jean Boulton: Complexity as Worldview

Jean Boulton makes the link between Complexity Theory, Buddhism and Taoism and shows what a worldview based on the learnings from Complexity Theory could look like.

Hardin Tibbs: Global Cultural Development

Hardin Tibbs is a specialist in strategic thinking. In this talk he explores future prospects for the global system

This is Ecocide: An Interview with Polly Higgins

Polly Higgins is a lawyer who has dedicated her life to one client – The Earth.

Radio Schumacher Series - Autumn 2010

A series of interviews and stories recounting the unique experience of day-to-day life at Schumacher College.

Carolyn Steel: Why is food vital to a sustainable society?

Carolyn Steel, author of ‘Hungry City’, explores the relationships between food and cities. Can food production be central to town life and urban planning?

Sean Kelly: Five Principles of Integral Ecology

Sean Kelly presents five principles to place human existence into a holistic, ecological context.