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Video Archive – ‘Voices for the Earth’

Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, leaders and activists come to teach at Schumacher College.

Where possible we share their inspirational contributions through our series of Earth Talks open to the general public – most of which are filmed so that we can spread the word more widely.

This video archive dates back to 2010 and represents a wealth of insight and information about the pressing issues of the 21st Century, through different voices speaking on behalf of the Earth.

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Amit Goswami: The Science of Quantum Consciousness

Amit Goswami shows how the perspective of quantum physics can give us a scientific ground for a new spirituality based on consciousness.

Chris Clarke: Quantum Theory and Consciousness

Chris Clarke explores the connection between quantum theory and consciousness.

Tim Crabtree: Local Initiatives to Build a New Economy

Tim Crabtree talks about the many local, community-based projects he is involved with which are building the foundations for a new economy.

Nigel Topping: Don’t blame the Hammer!

Nigel Topping reflects on the strengths and weaknesses of global capitalism and explores the possibility of creating a new ‘Wisdom Capitalism’ that heals rather than destroys.

Mary Mellor: Bringing Economics Down to Earth

Mary Mellor, a leading figure in developing alternative models of money, finance and economic development, outlines how we could use money to create an economy that meets our needs.

Jonathan Dawson: Returning to Source - The Role of Social Innovation in The Great Transition

Jonathan Dawson, co-Head of Economics at Schumacher College, gives a hopeful account of the diversity of innovative movements that are contributing towards social transformation.

Bill McKibben: Saving the Planet from the Bottom Up!

Bill McKibben talks about the importance of activism to meet the environmental problems we face today.

Jonathan Dawson: The Global Ecovillage Experience

Jonathan Dawson, co-Head of Economics at Schumacher College, talks about his involvement in the Global Ecovillage Network.

Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson: The Big Idea - Why Equality is Better for Everyone

Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson, authors of The Spirit Level, make the case for why we all do better when we’re equal.

Ann Pettifor

Ann Pettifor on the current European financial crisis and the new MA in Economics for Transition at Schumacher College.

David Orr: Ecoliteracy and Ecological Education

David Orr discusses the importance of Ecoliteracy and the value of Ecological Education.

David Orr: The Oberlin Project

David Orr talks about the US-based Oberlin Project and how it can inspire communities in the UK to work collaboratively with other groups to create a greener future.

Iain McGilchrist: Things Are Not What They Seem

Iain McGilchrist suggests that the bipartite structure of the brain helps us to understand why the world so often seems paradoxical, and why we so often end up achieving the opposite of what we intend.