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Video Archive – ‘Voices for the Earth’

Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, leaders and activists come to teach at Schumacher College.

Where possible we share their inspirational contributions through our series of Earth Talks open to the general public – most of which are filmed so that we can spread the word more widely.

This video archive dates back to 2010 and represents a wealth of insight and information about the pressing issues of the 21st Century, through different voices speaking on behalf of the Earth.

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LISTEN: Ha Vinh Tho - Gross National Happiness (GNH)

Dr. Ha Vinh Tho talks about his work in Bhutan and how GNH directly addresses global, national and mental challenges by pointing to the non-material roots of wellbeing, enhancing human happiness and the wellbeing of all life

Earth Talk: Ha Vinh Tho - The Bhutan Experiment

Ha Vinh Tho from the Centre for Gross National Happiness, Bhutan gives a talk about GNH and The Bhutan Experiment at Schumacher College.

Adventures in New Economics 9: Brett Scott – Applying Permacultural Design Principles to Finance

Adventures in New Economics: Can the 12 Principles of Permaculture offer insights into how to design and build alternative financial instruments? Brett Scott, author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money argues that they can, and illustrates this through examples of alternatives in action.

A Tribute to Brian Goodwin

This tribute to the life and work of Brian Goodwin has contributions from a range of speakers who spoke about their work and life with Brian during a special evening at Schumacher College dedicated to a new book, ‘The Intuitive Way of Knowing – A Tribute to Brian Goodwin” published by Floris Books.

Adventures in New Economics 8: Peter Smith – Land Value Tax and CLTs

The fact that the fruits of nature are not equally shared lies at the heart of a great many of our economic and social ills. This talk examines the economic principles that govern the distribution of wealth and looks at practical ways that the principle of Earth Sharing can be implemented, including Land Value Tax and Community Land Trusts

Adventures in New Economics 7: Tony Greenham – Citizens vs Markets: Have the markets won?

Five years ago the collapse of Lehman Brothers triggered a financial crisis in the USA and Europe that rocked the global economic system. Suddenly the ‘Masters of the Universe’ running the world’s megabanks lost their aura of invincibility. Since then we have had enquiries and commissions, reams of new legislation and even the occasional apology from contrite bankers and regulators

Adventures in New Economics 6: Mary Mellor – Sustaining Life: Ecofeminism and Economic Man.

Mary Mellor argues that the current economic system is flawed because it is based on a number of myths including the notion of ‘economic man’. From an ecofeminist perspective she will put forward an alternative approach that could create socially just and ecologically sustainable economies.

Adventures in New Economics 5: Isabel Carlisle In the National Interest: Community Charters and Asset Mapping.

Isabel Carlisle is part of a team that co-designed a Community Charter for the peoples of Falkirk, Scotland, who are opposing the application of Dart Energy to start coal-bed methane extraction in the area.

Adventures in New Economics 4: Jonathan Dawson – What lies beyond the Washington Consensus?

It is clear that the period of ‘Washington Consensus’ — during which market liberalisation and free trade have been imposed on great swathes of the ‘developing world’ by the IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organisation — is coming to an end.

Adventures in New Economics 3: Giles Hutchins – A Radical Review of Reality

Giles Hutchins — author of The Nature of Business — examines the inherent corruptions within our philosophical, scientific and cultural worldview. In identifying the root causes of our flawed worldview a new way of attending to life to emerges free of contradiction: Natural Inclusionality.

Adventures in New Economics 2: Donut Economics, Kate Raworth

Humanity’s challenge in the 21st century is to eradicate poverty and achieve prosperity for all within the means of the planet’s limited natural resources. Until recently working with Oxfam, Kate has developed a visual/conceptual tool in the shape of a doughnut

Adventures in New Economics 1: Street School Economics, Dr Gail Bradbrook

We can’t leave economics to Economists! So says Dr Gail Bradbrook from Street School Economics. The dominant theory and practice is neo-liberalism, it’s a choice. Yet the myths suggest that it is an emergent property, the economy just happens, so we have to accept it, policy makers can only twiddle at the edges.

Ed Hamer - Horsepower

Ed Hamer is a young farmer from Devon and a journalist. He was born and brought-up on the north-east edge of Dartmoor where he has worked on farms for most of his life. Ed talks about the practicalities and viability of working horses in market gardening and the contribution that traditional farming skills and knowledge can make to the resilient farming systems of the future

Bill Plotkin - Soulcraft

In this Earth Talk, Bill Plotkin offers some imaginative possibilities for cultivating a greater affinity between the breathing, inter-dependent patterns of nature and our human participation in a world brimming with intelligent presences

An excerpt from Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth

An except from the book Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth read by Geneen Marie Haugen, who was speaking at an Earth Talk at Schumacher College.