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Mary-Jayne Rust: Ecopsychology - Shadow and Transformation

In a dark time the eye begins to see. Facing the personal and collective shadow of ecological crisis can transform our vision of self and other. From re-thinking personal symptoms, such as depression or addiction, to the shift in human-earth relationship, what are the pearls to be found?

Mary-Jayne Rust is a Jungian analyst and an art therapist. Her many years of working in the area of eating problems has informed a wider interest in the cultural roots of consumerism and the links between gender and culture, soul and the land. Alongside private practice, she lectures and teaches in a variety of settings, as well as contributing to books and journals on the subject of ecopsychology. She has worked for two green NGOs. She grew up by the sea, and living beside water remains a source of great nourishment. See