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Video Archive – ‘Voices for the Earth’

AUDIO: Stephan Harding talks about a life in service of Gaia

Stephan Harding talks about a life shaped by a nature connection. From his birth in Venezuela to growing up in London and travelling to some of the world's most extraordinary places.

LISTEN : Mac Macartney - The Children's Fire

Mac Macartney talks about his book The Children's Fire which tells of his extraordinary journey from his birthplace in England across Wales to the island of Anglesey, once the spiritual epicentre of Late Iron Age Britain. He took no map or compass, simply navigated by the sun and the stars, braving the depths of winter.

LISTEN: Dr Jean Boulton, a lecturer on MSc Holistic Science talks to Angie Cross host of the Human Current podcasts

Dr Jean Boulton talks about her work and her book Embracing Complexity, which she co-authored, and about the importance of understanding the emergent properties of whole system through the lenses of chaos, complexity and Gaia theories.

Earth Talk Video: Change Makers - Small steps to a big future with Mac Macartney

‘Small steps to a big future’ brings to life the small yet potent contributions that ordinary people can make. Mac Macartney celebrates the courage upon which each of these steps depend, especially the first. This talk picks up those who struggle from impotence and irrelevance in the face of global challenges. It lifts a veil and inspires us all to action. Recorded November 2017.

Earth Talk with Lyla June Johnston: Bringing The World Back To Life

In this Earth Talk Lyla June Johnston will share stories, poems and experience of ceremony that looks at the microcosm of the Wounded Healer becoming Healer, and also how this might play out in the larger community of humanity. This is a call to all activists and those wanting to know more about what is a happening within the Native American communities and particularly Standing Rock. Recorded October 2017.

Earth Talk Video: Soul Initiation, Nature Mysticism, and the Unfolding Cosmos

With stories and poems, Geneen Marie Haugen and Bill Plotkin explore how humanity’s recovery or cultivation of a mystical relationship with Earth and Cosmos is an essential component of both the individual journey of soul initiation and the collective evolutionary unfolding. Recorded September 2017.

Earth Talk Video: Sovereign democracy as a condition for positive money, common good economy and ethical trade

Christian Felber joins us for an Earth talk where he shares about the sovereign democracy as a condition for positive money, common good economy and ethical trade. Recorded September 2017.

Earth Talk Video: Big Picture Activism

Helena Norberg-Lodge talks about ‘Big picture activism’, a strategy that not only reveals the interconnections among our many environmental, social, and economic crises, but demonstrates a path towards solving them simultaneously. Recorded July 2017.

Earth Talk Video: Walking on Lava

In the age of Trump, Brexit, and nativism in Europe, as the political and cultural ground shifts beneath our feet, Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine, co-founders of the Dark Mountain Project, gave a frank discussion about the implications for the green movement and beyond. This provided a chance to challenge clichés, challenge ourselves, and ask how our work can be relevant in what are clearly new and changing times. Recorded on Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

Earth Talk Video: Effective Connective Modelling and Regenerating Human Beings with Jon Young

Jon Young offered an in-depth sharing of how when we use deep connection modelling, our communities can start the healing journey to recovering our birth rights and indigenous wisdom. Recorded March 2017.

Earth Talk Video: Business UNusual - Bringing Gross National Happiness into the field of Business

Business UNusual - Bringing Gross National Happiness into the field of Business - Gross National Happiness (GNH) is the alternative development paradigm created and implemented in Bhutan, which prioritizes Happiness and Wellbeing of all people and life forms as the purpose of development. Watch Dr. Julia Kim, Senior Program Advisor and Dr. Ha Vinh Tho Program Director share their recent experiences of the GNH Centre Bhutan. Recorded November 2016.

Event Video: An Evening with Coleman Barks

Poet and Rumi translator Coleman Barks, storyteller and mythologist Martin Shaw, poet Lisa Starr and guitarist Stephan Harding joined for an evening of story, poetry, music, and community to explore and celebrate the mystery of friendship and the call to spirit. Recorded October, 2016.

Earth Talk Video: The Late Dr. David Fleming – Community, Place and Play

Building on the tradition of E.F. Schumacher, the David Fleming's entertaining vision of a post-growth economy built on the play, humour, rootedness and reciprocal obligations of a rich culture has long inspired optimism and action. Rob Hopkins and Shaun Chamberlain shared insights and anecdotes on his life, influence and enduring importance. We also heard from the man himself, through recently unearthed recordings. Recorded October 2016.

Earth Talk Video: What is the Place of Spirituality in Ecology?

With David Cadman, John Sauven, Tony Juniper and Nick Campion. The event debated and discussed the role of spirituality in ecology, an issue of profound importance as concern over climate change deepens. Recorded October 2016.