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Earth Talk Video: Matthew Fox - Recovering the Sacredness of the Earth

Matthew Fox talks on the subject of ‘Recovering the Sacredness of the Earth and the Difference it Makes as the Next Stage of Human Evolution’

How special the Earth is – this is becoming clearer every day as we examine other possible planets in the universe on the macrocosmic scale; and as we explore more of the wisdom of animals and plants and other creatures closer to home. Clearly the Earth is a sacred Temple and we aren’t treating it as wonderfully as it deserves and our future sustainability requires. Matthew explores the capacity for our species to take this occasion of the crisis Mother Earth finds herself in to reinvent our ways of living and working on this planet. As the eco philosopher says, ‘hope is a verb with the sleeves rolled up’.

Matthew also talked about what it takes to be green men and green women, spiritual warriors on behalf of mother earth. This vocation constitutes the next stage of evolution in our species, that of compassion and warrior hood.

Matthew Fox gave this talk at the Great Hall, Dartington on 23rd April 2014, during a course he was leading at the College.

Matthew Fox is a theologian and activist and author of 31 books including Original Blessing, The Reinvention of Work, One River, Many Wells: Wisdom Springing from Global Faith Traditions, Natural Grace (with Rupert Sheldrake), The Hidden Spirituality of Men: Ten Metaphors for Awakening the Sacred Masculine, etc. He has been committed to reinventing forms of education and of worship and with some amazing and memorable results. Visit