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Earth Talk Video: The Adventure of Active Hope - Chris Johnstone

Feelings of purpose and engagement have been shown to have a bigger impact on life satisfaction than pleasure or material wealth. In this evening talk, Chris Johnstone looks at how we can deepen our sense of purpose by cultivating our desire and capacity to make a difference in the world. By exploring what helps us become nourished, energised, empowered and inspired to act for life on Earth, our lives can become an adventure of Active Hope.

Chris Johnstone is co-author, with Joanna Macy, of Active Hope – how to face the mess we’re in without going crazy (New World Library, 2012). He is currently teaching a short course on Positive Psychology for the Planet at Schumacher College.

Chris JohnstoneChris Johnstone teaches Holistic Education

Chris Johnstone has over thirty years experience in teaching practices to promote resilience and sustainable wellbeing. Trained initially in medicine and psychology, he worked for many years as an addictions specialist and is known for his work with the Transition Movement in applying insights from addictions recovery to fossil fuel dependence. Seeing our approach to happiness as a key shift point for sustainability, Chris has been a leading teacher of Positive Psychology in the UK over the last ten years. In looking at what inspires and empowers our responses to concerns about the world, he has worked closely with Joanna Macy since the late 1980s, co-writing with her his most recent book Active Hope. Read more at