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AUDIO: Stephan Harding talks about a life in service of Gaia

STEPHAN Harding reveals how Gaia has influenced his life and work during an interview with Kim McFadden and Alex of Wild Roots Nature Connection Community.

In the hour long podcast he traces his nature connection back to early childhood through to meeting influential people such as James Lovelock, Arne Ness and Jane Goodall.
Although born within the beautiful landscape of Venezuela, at the age of seven Stephan found himself transplanted to a block of flats in inner-city London.  Desperately seeking the natural world, he would find stones to upturn and discover the woodlice beneath.
“I just remember being completely fascinated by them,” he recalls.  “It’s wonderful when all your thoughts are taken up with the life of this little being …I am a zoologist to my very core.”

In the interview he talks about how we can all feel Gaia’s presence through special places or certain animals.  He says that hearing certain birds can switch on consciousness, such as when he sees a bullfinch in the garden.
He also talks about how he has been lucky enough to live and work in such beautiful places as Costa Rica, Norway and Australia, countries, he says, where you can “feel their very wild being and personality.”
He also gives tips on how to choose “Sit Spot” or “Gaia Spot” what he calls: “Your own special place where you find magic and communication and that feels a good place to be.  There might be a special tree or rock – something will call to you,” he says.
The term Gaia Theory or Gaia Hypothesis was coined by James Lovelock, who taught on the first course at Schumacher College back in 1991.  Stephan explains how James had developed the theory while working at NASA and was originally going to call it the BUST theory: Bio-cybernetic Universal System Tendency, but all that changed with a chance conversation.

He happen to meet his friend, Lord of the Flies author William Golding, and shared his new theory with him.  Golding told him about the myth of Gaia and an idea formed.
Stephan talks of his endless enthusiasm for talking to his former teacher and now friend.  He admits he and James don’t always see eye to eye but he says every conversation is like going a fantastic journey, scaling a mountain; “We just sit looking at Gaia from on top of our very high mountain,” he add. “He has a deep sense of something ancient – something old and wise – beyond the scope of personality.”
Stephan has seen the evolution of Schumacher College from a couple of short courses to an international centre attracting teachers and students from over 80 countries around the world.
“I feel it is one of the few places on the planet where we can grow our consciousness through Gaia – with all respects to mainstream university that not possible – here it is cognitive and intuitive.”
You can listen to the full interview here