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A Tribute to Brian Goodwin

This tribute to the life and work of Brian Goodwin has contributions from a range of speakers who spoke about their work and life with Brian during a special evening at Schumacher College dedicated to a new book, ‘The Intuitive Way of Knowing – A Tribute to Brian Goodwin” published by Floris Books.

The science of connection that underpinned the MSc at Schumacher College was also something Brian lived in practise. Brian touched many people in the community with his attention and vision in many areas of cultural and human regeneration. Also in main steam biology Brian would connect with people from all perspectives of a debate.

About Brian Goodwin

Professor Brian Goodwin was a visionary biologist, mathematician and philosopher. Born in Canada in 1931, he studied Biology at McGill University, then Mathematics with a Rhodes scholarship in Oxford and then went to Edinburgh to do his PhD under Conrad Waddington.

Understanding organisms as dynamic wholes, he worked to develop an alternate view to extreme Darwinism based solely on genetic factors. His evolutionary vision was centred more on archetypes than ancestors and cooperation rather than competition.

As a scientist Brian’s work was groundbreaking and highly influential. He was a pioneer in the field of theoretical biology, and a founding member of the prestigious Santa Fe Institute. He appeared often in debates with prominent figures such as Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould and Lewis Wolpert.

In later years he was made a founding fellow at Schumacher College, Totnes, UK, where he taught holistic science and completed his last book, Nature’s Due: Healing Our Fragmented Culture (Floris Books 2007). He died in July 2009.

Produced by Opus Earth and dedicated to the life and work of Brian.

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