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AUDIO: Stephan Harding talks about a life in service of Gaia

Stephan Harding talks about a life shaped by a nature connection. From his birth in Venezuela to growing up in London and travelling to some of the world's most extraordinary places.

LISTEN : Mac Macartney - The Children's Fire

Mac Macartney talks about his book The Children's Fire which tells of his extraordinary journey from his birthplace in England across Wales to the island of Anglesey, once the spiritual epicentre of Late Iron Age Britain. He took no map or compass, simply navigated by the sun and the stars, braving the depths of winter.

LISTEN: Dr Jean Boulton, a lecturer on MSc Holistic Science talks to Angie Cross host of the Human Current podcasts

Dr Jean Boulton talks about her work and her book Embracing Complexity, which she co-authored, and about the importance of understanding the emergent properties of whole system through the lenses of chaos, complexity and Gaia theories.

LISTEN: Ha Vinh Tho - Gross National Happiness (GNH)

Dr. Ha Vinh Tho talks about his work in Bhutan and how GNH directly addresses global, national and mental challenges by pointing to the non-material roots of wellbeing, enhancing human happiness and the wellbeing of all life

Radio Schumacher Series - Autumn 2010

A series of interviews and stories recounting the unique experience of day-to-day life at Schumacher College.