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Articles by College Staff

The New Economy In Practice: Part 1

This is the first in a series of blogs which will present on-going action research in the new economy by Economics For Transition Lecturer, Tim Crabtree

What Does It Means To Be Human

The experiences of meditators and contemplatives over the centuries and, more recently, of Western psychologists such as Jung and Hillman have shown us that we operate from two fundamental (and interrelated) levels or modes of consciousness

How Are We To Respond?

Tim Crabtree asks: what is the economy for, and what can we personally do in response, in order to help shift the economy in a more benign direction?

Gratitude Prevails For The Rain

It's raining in the Schumacher College gardens

Buddhist Economics in the Czech Republic - Tim Crabtree

Tim Crabtreee on how integrate Buddhism into economic practice, and some of the parallels between new thinking in complexity economics and the Buddhist understanding of inter-connectedness.

The Art of Mindful Baking, Returning the Heart to the Hearth by Julia Ponsonby

Julia Ponsonby, Head of Food at the College, writes about what led her to write about her new book 'The Art of Mindful Baking'

A New Era for Design: Schumacher College launches the first ever Masters in Ecological Design Thinking

After a year of development with partners at Plymouth University and colleagues at the Carnegie Mellon School of Design in the US, we are delighted to announce that our groundbreaking new MA in Ecological Design Thinking is now open for applications.
Satish Kumar

A Dual Agenda by Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar on why it’s time for the environmental movement to embrace the cause of animal rights

EF Schumacher: A 21st Century legacy

by Charlie McConnell, Director of Schumacher College

Recently I spoke at the Hay Literary Festival as part of a range of events taking place here at Schumacher College and across the UK, celebrating the centenary of E.F. Schumacher. Along with Caroline Lucas MP and Andrew Simms, Fellow of the New Economics Foundation, I spoke on the relevance of Schumacher’s seminal book Small is Beautiful.

Pioneer of Oberlin Project, David Orr, shares ideas and practice at Schumacher College

David Orr uniquely combines a pioneering approach to education, design, community, innovation and practice that has always embodied a whole worldview. His work not only has direct impact but is visionary and therefore inspiring for individuals and groups around the world. The Oberlin Project is innovating through rich collaboration, a response to making the community much more resilient into the future.