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Radical learning environments

Dr Sarah Elisa Kelly, lecturer in engaged ecology at Schumacher College, blogs with her thoughts on what radical education means for her.
Woman sits on a bench in the Dartington gardens.
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Practising place-fullness with Dr Sarah Elisa Kelly

In this immersive short reflection, Schumacher College lecturer Dr Sarah Elisa Kelly explores our understanding and experience of place and the language we use to describe our relationship with it.
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Sparking an Educational Revolution

Underpinning currently dominant educational practice lie a series of assumptions about how we learn that are contradicted by a growing body of scientific evidence, as well as by our common sense.
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Growing and sharing food from the college garden is a key part of life at Schumacher College

Schumacher College’s inception as a centre for nature-based education, personal transformation and collective action, the gardens have been integral to the vision of Satish Kumar and co-founders. In keeping with Tagore's view that nature is our teacher, different areas within the gardens have been created as spaces for contemplation and relaxation, food growing and ecologically-minded horticultural practices.
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Reflection: From Tagore To Holistic Science

The mirror of Holistic Science shows Japan China, and also Korea for one day, as very different societies.
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Changing Stories: Using Narrative To Shift Societal Values

Economics For Transition Lecturer, Jonathan Dawson tells us how stories that persist beyond their sell-by date can keep us locked into societal patterns that no longer serve,and how they can provide a powerful tool for transition
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Gratitude Prevails For The Rain

It's raining in the Schumacher College gardens

EF Schumacher: A 21st Century legacy

by Charlie McConnell, Director of Schumacher College

Recently I spoke at the Hay Literary Festival as part of a range of events taking place here at Schumacher College and across the UK, celebrating the centenary of E.F. Schumacher. Along with Caroline Lucas MP and Andrew Simms, Fellow of the New Economics Foundation, I spoke on the relevance of Schumacher’s seminal book Small is Beautiful.

Pioneer of Oberlin Project, David Orr, shares ideas and practice at Schumacher College

David Orr uniquely combines a pioneering approach to education, design, community, innovation and practice that has always embodied a whole worldview. His work not only has direct impact but is visionary and therefore inspiring for individuals and groups around the world. The Oberlin Project is innovating through rich collaboration, a response to making the community much more resilient into the future.

The challenges of working in a world of ever-increasing uncertainty: The Short Course Programme

By Inga Page, Programme Manager, Schumacher College
July 2010

Planning the Schumacher College short course programme is itself a lesson in the challenges of working in a world of ever-increasing interdependence, chaos and uncertainty. Mercifully, some courses fall into place quite effortlessly, whereas others go through many incarnations and permutations before finally appearing on our website.