Charles Eisenstein, The gift Economy and Schumacher College by Jonathan Dawson

Last week Charles Eisenstein lead a short course at Schumacher College on the theme of Ecology, Scarcity and the Gift Economy....

Walking with the Earth Pilgrim by Inga Page

Experiencing Schumacher in Ireland by Jonathan Dawson

A growing number of organisations around the world are knocking on the door here at the College seeking to develop some form of partnership, wanting to explore how the distinctive Schumacher educational model could be made more accessible to people in their countries.

‘Animate Earth’: A Film by Stephan Harding Emerges from Schumacher College

Stephan Harding writes about the filming of 'Animate Earth'

This week the cheese makers are here

Real Farming … a people’s take-over of the world’s food supply with Colin Tudge

How is it that we are already producing enough food for 14 billion and yet according to the UN 1 billion are still chronically hungry?

Economics for Transition - an Interview with Rob Hopkins

Rob Hopkins, founder of Transition Towns Network discusses the MA Economics for Transition and it's importance to the Transition Twon Movementec