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Xingu Schumacher Expedition

Thursday, 20 October, 2016

From the 20th to the 25th of October, 2016.

The Xingu Schumacher Expedition is an invitation to come together with the flow of the Xingu River from the city of Altamira (state of Pará), canoeing around 100 km down the river with indigenous communities of the Volta Grande do Xingu, interacting directly with the impacts and conflicts caused by the construction of Belo Monte - the world’s third biggest hydroelectric. This 5-day journey is a collaboration between Escola Schumacher Brasil, ISA – Socio-environmental Institute and AYMIX  - Xingu local communities association.

In the face of one of the greatest natural wealths of the Planet – the Amazon forest, we will dive in our integrity as part of the natural world and the communities of local cultures. At the same time that we are moved by this inexhaustible source of beauty, we will also be touched by the impact of the human thinking. This means we will at all times be invited to live into the paradox around us. On one side, wholeness; on another side, fragmentation; realities that co-exist.  Entering this, which is the great paradox of our times, we will hone our perception and understanding for ways of live that honour the relationships with ourselves, other creatures, the earth around us and other tradition and cultures. 

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