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Walk with the Earth Pilgrim: Satish Kumar

15 to 19 September, 2008
A Schumacher College Course

“We go to Dartmoor as pilgrims, not as tourists; not to escape from the stress of modern life, but for renewal of the spirit. A journey to Dartmoor is not even to study nature for its usefulness to humans, but to be one with nature as a source of solace and inspiration.” Satish Kumar

Those who enjoyed watching Earth Pilgrim on BBC2’s Natural World can now have the opportunity to walk on Dartmoor in the company of Satish Kumar, who will share with them his reverential approach to nature and lead them on a pilgrimage into the tors, valleys, woodlands and other hidden corners of this beautiful landscape. Participants will stay at Schumacher College, which is just a few miles from Dartmoor, and make daily visits to the areas pictured in the programme. They will also be introduced to Gaia theory and deep ecology by Stephan Harding, author of “Animate Earth” and resident tutor at Schumacher College, as well as participating in the daily activities of the College community.

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