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UK Heritage Lottery Fund supports Deep Time Walk

Thursday, 15 June, 2017


We are pleased to announce that the Deep Time Walk App project team have received a £10,000 match-fund pledge from the UK Heritage Lottery Fund. As a result, the team are now crowdfunding to raise money to spread awareness and fulfil the potential of this transformative educational tool. 

About the Deep Time Walk App

The transformative walk combines science with humanities to help people gain a somatic perspective of the immense age of Earth, learn about the key evolutionary events that occurred across deep time, experience our interconnected ancestral heritage with all life and understand the geological impact of humanity in the era of the anthropocene. It is hoped that the experience gives a sense of awe and wonder for our beautiful home and inspires care and reverence.

Key Features

·      Walk 4.6km through 4.6 billion years of Earth history - each metre represents 1 million years

·      A rich user interface uses the pedometer to track your steps and guide you across Earth’s evolutionary timeline

·      Join the characters of the Scientist and the Fool as they journey across deep time

·      Learn about key concepts from Earth's evolution and Big History

·      Time-contextual glossary available to look up more complex concepts

·      Mobility assist mode available for those unable to walk

Grounded in the very latest evidence from science, the script is written by Dr. Stephan Harding (a collaborator with James Lovelock) and Peter Oswald (ex Playwright in Residence at Shakespeare Globe, London).

The audio is directed by Jeremy Mortimer (who has produced over 200 productions for BBC Radio 3/4), with the narrative brought to life by Chipo Chung (Doctor Who, Sherlock, Into the Badlands), Paul Hilton (Garrow's Law, The Bill, Silent Witness) and Peter Marinker (Love Actually, Event Horizon, Judge Dredd).

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Download the Deeptime Walk App (available for iOS and Android)