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The GNH Masterclass: An Advanced Program on Implementing GNH

Friday, 17 February, 2017


The GNH Masterclass program has been created in response to the growing international interest in Bhutan’s unique, alternative development paradigm, Gross National Happiness (GNH). In contrast to the narrow pursuit of economic growth for its own sake, GNH promotes the sustainable happiness and wellbeing of all life.
The GNH Masterclass is a collaborative one-year program hosted by the GNH Centre in Bhutanand Schumacher College in the UK. The 3 residential modules, combined with online activities and support are designed to lead each participant on a personal journey of inspiration, discovery and capacity building. The program is designed to help all participants cultivate the skills and experience to develop their own GNH-inspired prototype.

Theory U core principles and practices will inform the entire program, and participants will gain first-hand experience and capacity to use these approaches and other facilitation skills to shift existing systems, from ego- to eco-system awareness in alignment with GNH. Mindfulness theory, science and practices will allow participants to cultivate and promote the necessary inner “happiness skills” to support and inspire GNH and wider social and systems transformation. 

- Those who have had prior exposure and experience with GNH/alternative economics, Theory U/facilitation/leading change processes, or mindfulness practices and who wish to deepen their understanding and practice in these areas
- Those who have a project or specific context where they would like to apply their insights and skills from this program, in a year-long supported container of mentorship from peers, mentors, and experts (prototyping). Participants should already have a high level vision of a GNH-related project that they would like to develop and are seeking the support, skills, expertise or simply the space to make it happen.
- Those who wish to be able to present GNH to various audiences (e.g. facilitate GNH training programmes, communicate about GNH or be GNH Ambassadors or focal points for local or national GNH Centre initiatives)

• Investigate what is wrong with the current economic system and why it is not delivering well-being for people and planet.
• Explore new economic models with a focus on GNH as an alternative development paradigm, both in theory and practice.  
• Lead sensing journeys to inspiring projects, people and sacred places in the UK an Bhutan
• Provide the unique opportunity of learning first-hand about the experiment of Gross National Happiness and what this means at both a country and personal level.
• Provide regular assessments of progress and constructive feedback on how to deepen one’s understanding and practice
• Successful completion of this non-formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, will lead to a Certificate awarded jointly by the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan and Schumacher College as well as an invitation to become a member of the international network of accredited GNH practitioners

The GNH Master Class consists of three residential modules within a programme of on-line study, mentoring and assessed assignments

24 July – 4 August 2017: Module 1: GNH as an Alternative Development Paradigm: A 12 day residential at Schumacher College, UK
13 – 19 November 2017: Module 2: GNH as a Path of Inner Transformation: A 7 day residential at Schumacher College, UK
7-19 May 2018: Module 3: Prototyping GNH: A 10 day residential programme in Bhutan (at various locations)

With Ha Vinh Tho, Julia Kim, Julie Richardson, and guest teachers

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