News >> Summer Holidays at Schumacher College - July Newsletter 2014

Summer Holidays at Schumacher College - July Newsletter 2014

Monday, 14 July, 2014

Are you wondering where to go on holiday this year?

Come to Schumacher College for a week of good food and company, walking, swimming, stories around the fire and the chance to browse our wonderful library at leisure. Tell us what you would like to do.

Schumacher Summer Retreat, 11 -15 August

New courses

The Rewilded Child – Reconnection with Nature, 20 – 24 October

With Jay Griffiths, David Bond, Chris Salisbury and special guest Lemn Sissay
In much of today’s world, our children are robbed of physical freedom and the experience of nature which gives them a sense of home and belonging. We look at the

Ecopsychology – Transforming Psychology for an Ecological World, 10-14 November

With Andy Fisher
Ecopsychology is psychology for an ecological society – a society of people who have the emotional, ecological and political literacy to take part in the cultural and social transformation of or time. Join radical re-thinker, author and wilderness guide Andy Fisher, on a rare trip to the UK, as he brings this into reality.

Bursaries available

Ecological Design Thinking – Revisioning a Land-Based Future, 4 – 15 August

With David Orr, Raul De Villafranca, Seaton Baxter and local partners
Join a growing consortium of land-based educators, food growers and leading ecological designers as we re-imagine the future for our rural resources.Circles of Trust – True Self in True Community, 8 – 12 September

With Rick Jackson and Barbara Reid
A week’s retreat using the Circle of Trust® approach to help you focus on your values and vision, challenges and fears.The Right Livelihood Programme, UK and Bhutan – Finding Deeper Purpose, November 2014 – November 2015

With Ha Vinh Tho, Julia Kim, Julie Richardson, Satish Kumar and guests
An exciting 8 month programme based in the UK and Bhutan with three residential components and online support. For all those at a transition, looking for deeper purpose, support and guided reflection and the chance to create a livelihood that fits with your values.