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Students arrive for campus learning

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Wednesday, 4 November, 2020

AFTER months of preparation to meet new Covid 19 safety regulations Schumacher College and the Dartington Arts School have been able to welcome their first cohort of master's students onto campus.

The students, who are part of three low-residency learning master’s programmes, Ecological Design Thinking, Regenerative Economics and Poetics of Imagination, will be coming for two weeks as part of their year-long course.

Staff at Schumacher College, the Arts School and across the whole Dartington Trust campus have been working hard to ensure the students will be coming to a Covid-secure environment.

“We are all very excited to be able to welcome master’s students on campus again,” said Director of Learning Dr Pavel Cenkl.

“We have all learned to adapt to a new ways of teaching and learning,” Pavel added, referring to successful online sessions on sauerkraut making, walking meditation, and breathing practice.

“I think we’ve come quite far in integrating innovative online and hybrid learning, but coming together as a learning community is integral to what we do here so I’m really pleased we have been able to make this happen.”

The study period at Dartington runs until Friday, November 6 and students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of activities and enterprises on the 1,200 acre Dartington Estate as well as meet fellow students whom they have only seen on zoom.

Pavel added that Dartington Trust has been successfully running short courses at various locations around the estate for the last two months and so he was confident that staff have been able refine processes of working in a Covid-secure way.

“Dartington Trust is going through many structural changes at the moment, as well tackling challenges arising from the pandemic, but everyone here has worked very hard to make this happen."