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International speakers head to Transition Design Symposium

transition design symposium
Saturday, 16 June, 2018

RADICAL thinkers from across the globe come together in Devon this week for the fourth International Transition Design symposium.

The event, which launches at Dartington Hall, on Thursday June 21, is rapidly becoming a regular fixture for those leading the drive for sustainable transitions in all aspects of society.

Speakers include Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town movement in Totnes,  John Thackara, a leading thinker in sustainability and ecological design, peer to peer theorist Michael Bauwens and futurist Stuart Candy.

Ruth Potts, a senior lecturer with the Ecological Design Thinking faculty at Schumacher College, one of the organisers of the symposium, said every event increased the momentum of change:

“The most exciting thing about the 2016 Transition Design Symposium was that it brought together such a range of people, from a wide range of disciplines, who all have the same ambition; the rapid transition to a more sustainable society.”

“It's hugely important that people working in almost every field of human activity are talking about rapid transition, so that we can all work out how to play our part. We need to make this an everyday thing."

The symposium is jointly hosted by Carnegie Mellon University School of Design, Schumacher College, and the Dartington Hall Trust.

Over the three days, there will also be a range of panellists from organisations including The New Weather Institute, Forum for the Future and the STEPS centre at the University of Sussex.

The papers from the 2016 Transition Design Symposium which poses the question: "Can Design Catalyse the Great Transition," are now available online so that as many people can become involved – wherever they live in the world, added Ruth.

“We’re really excited that so many key people working in and around Transition are coming to symposiums here at Dartington, not just to talk, but to plan for greater collaboration and action. What the publication of these papers does, is to help to take that conversation out into the wider world and to far more people.”

The symposium opens at 6pm on Thursday, June 21 to 1pm, Saturday, June 23, 2018, in the Great Hall and Space studious at Dartington Hall.   More information about the event is available here.