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Schumacher Network Update

Wednesday, 8 June, 2016

Involvement with Schumacher College whether a student, teacher, facilitator, volunteer or friend, past or present makes you part of a community of that stretches around the globe. A global community with exceptional diversity and a huge range of skills, interests and experiences. 

The Schumacher Network will be an evolving on-line knowledge and social networking platform to support a mass movement for sustainable change by extending the reach and impact of Schumacher College, its alumni and teachers, and other like-minded organisations and individuals active in the field of transformative learning for sustainable living.

After the successful crowdfunding campaign last year, with thanks to all our supporters, this first phase of the platform due to launch later in the summer/early autumn is currently in full development and will enable members to connect, communicate and collaborate. 

During the coming weeks and months ahead, you’ll be hearing a lot more about the forthcoming Network website as we prepare for our journey towards the launch. We hope you will join us.