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New Kitchen and Dining Facilities for Schumacher College

dining area Schumacher College
Thursday, 20 June, 2019

STAFF and students at Schumacher College held a small ceremony yesterday to officially christen the new dining room and kitchen at the College.

Six months ago they were forced to leave the Old Postern, one of the main buildings on campus, after damage to the roof made the building unsafe. 

Fortunately they have been able to use other buildings around campus and the wider Dartington Estate however Satish Kumar, co-founder of the College, said it was wonderful to have new facilities, much of which has been made with second hand and re-purposed materials. “You have done a wonderful job to create this space in such a modest and simple way,” he said.

“We have had some difficult times recently but throughout, the College has shown great resilience and strength and we remain strong and continue our work,” he said.

He also praised the ingenuity of the teams from Dartington Property and Schumacher College for working so effectively together to complete the work in such a short time.

“The work of the Schumacher College is more relevant today than ever before as we work together in service of humanity and the earth.”