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Leadership for Transition 2016 - applications open

Tuesday, 28 June, 2016

Leadership for Transition 2016  - applications open

By:  Juliana Schneider
Head of Escola Schumacher Brasil

Following the previous years, we have recently launched the third edition of the Leadership for Transition programme. This is a programme for Brazilians which combines a one-week residential at Schumacher College (in September) with a two-day-monthly-meeting in Sao Paulo for three months, including the time to cook and share meals together. We will be exploring the key themes taught at the College in relation to the question of leadership and what it means to lead for change. The Transition Towns movement is one of the local experiments we will get to learn from - both in Totnes as well as in Monte Azul, a transition neighbourhood in the outskirts of Sao Paolo.

The themes of Complexity Theory, Deep Ecology and Economics for Transition are part of this rich exploration, offering us new doors for understanding leadership from a place of fully engaged participants in the world, whilst the Transition Towns initiative reveals a practical example of how this embodied leadership is taking shape. We will be learning from Stephan Harding, Tim Crabtree, Tim Macartney, Rob Hopkins and Transition Towns Totnes food project coordinator Myrtle Cooper, besides having Satish Kumar and Patricia Shaw for an online session.

Over these two years, many aspects of this programme have fascinated me. I have been surprised by the intensity of exchanges, and the transformations that happen when we gather with others to learn differently. Risking this way, people have discovered a deep sense of belonging and the chance to experience themselves differently. The more traditional education for Leadership – of learning the 10 best qualities of a successful leader and training ourselves to acquire these – gives place for a joint-inquiry in the nature of leadership as an act of initiating and sustaining a movement with a plurality of others. Each person in the group is encouraged to look at his or her own experience and how the contents, insights, and the many conversations throughout the programme can actually further our ability to notice more of our experience and thus inform a different participation in the world.  Applications are open until the 20th of July at