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Join Our Birthday Celebrations

Friday, 19 December, 2014

2015 is our 25th birthday!

Schumacher College was founded on the conviction that a new vision is needed for human society and its relationship with the earth.

For the past 25 years we have been inviting the leading voices around the world who hold a vision of what things could be like if ecology and spirituality were central to how we live and act in the world.

These voices have included visionaries such as James Lovelock, Arne Naess, Wendell Berry, James Hillman, Vandana Shiva, Meg Wheatley and many more. Collectively they have inspired the thousands of people who have come from around the globe to learn in small intimate groups on our short course and postgraduate programmes.

The need for a new vision was never more urgent than it is today and our mission is to support as many people as possible to invest their own lives in making a difference. There are many things happening at the College in 2015 that are a culmination of 25 years work in this area, the product of all the people who have taught, learnt and supported us over the years.

Schumacher College is a small place in at Dartington hall in England, but our learning community extends across the globe and has positive impacts that can’t even be measured.

To celebrate where we are on this important birthday, and to move forward into a new phase, here are some of the things that are happening in 2015.

Please come and join us.

The Elmhirst Programme – Soul, Spirit and Story

Our second venue opens at Dartington Hall with a new programme of short courses that draws on spiritual traditions and indigenous wisdom from around the world. Course leaders will include Iain McGilchrist, Anita Moorjani, Bruce Lipton, Matthew Fox and Meg Wheatley as we explore the interface between our inner landscape and the outer world.

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New Postgraduate Programme in Ecological Design Thinking

Our fourth postgraduate programme opens its doors to students in January. Many months in the planning we hope to cover new ground in this area as ecological and social understandings are placed at the centre of our thinking when we design our lives, our workplaces and the systems that support us.

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Generation of the New Economy Festival

We’ll be bringing together young economic change-makers from around the world to take place in this five-day festival aimed at the mobilisation and empowerment of a new generation of new thinking trail-blazers. Facilitated by pioneering organisations nef, CEMUS, Transition Network and the College and subsidised to improve access to young people from all backgrounds, this will be a place for development new partnerships, networks and initiatives.

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Beautiful and Useful with Monty Don, 9 April, 7.30pm

Join Monty Don at Datington’s Great Hall as he shares his passion for craft and nature and answers your questions on the subject.

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Look out for our crowd-funding campaign starting in March – to raise funds for the Schumacher WorldWide Network and virtual learning platform.

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More events will be announced throughout 2015.