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An Introduction To Authentic Celebration:

Monday, 25 April, 2016

By Lizandra Barbuto and John Croft

Introduction to Authentic Celebration:

Celebration is one of the most important aspects of existence, yet so often misunderstood and overlooked. It requires us to truly see our actions and their impacts and, no matter what, to honour everything that has happened. It is about our personal contribution to life and it leads us to perceive ourselves as the bridge that connects our ancestors to our descendants. In this way it creates the purpose by which we live our lives. The ceremonial aspect of celebration is deeply integrated within the creative process. Through celebration creativity becomes the path of our own innovative greatness , the feeling that anything is possible. It is the ultimate celebration of life aware of itself. The affirmation of the fact that I am here! I love life! Can I really do anything?

Celebration is therefore both an individual process, a moment for each individual to pause and reflect upon themselves; and also something that is or should be shared collectively. True celebration is the path to collective wisdom. It is a constant dialogue between the individual soul or the group with their environment, in a way that creates an ongoing developmental spiral, that can produce deep learning for the individual and can generate true sustaining development for that environment. It is this process that can regenerate our communities within a sustainable and flourishing living world, and at the same time guide each person to come ever closer to discover their true purposes of their own life. When we fail to see and celebrate the contribution of others, and especially fail to celebrate ourselves, we lose the satisfaction of achieving our intentions, we forget how to make the changes that are possible, and we lose the commitment to our projects. 

Celebration enables us to recognize what is there to be seen, to speak authentically and truthfully, to stay committed to our actions, and to truly see our contributions. It stops us from taking results for granted. Celebration makes us more authentic and much more productive.

It is through working together that we discover the true value of celebration: valuing ourselves, valuing others and valuing what we do. In this way we learn a deeper way for communication; of both talking and listening. We learn to widen our perceptions by looking at ourselves and others, beyond narrow harping destructive criticism. 

Experiencing Authentic Celebration: The course

In this new work we will come to deeply understand the power of collective wisdom through celebration. In our time together we will work with tools useful both in projects and in activities needed in examining ourselves and understanding the nature of authenticity. For example: What do we need to overcome in order to empower ourselves and keep our dreams alive?

We will explore the celebration process as a way of connecting what we want to do with what we wish to do, as well as recognising everything that we've already done. This builds a celebratory feedback loop. You will discover that this feedback loop is found in every cell of our body, and in the energy production process of stars that maintain their brilliance for billions of years. The feedback process is important in the unfolding evolution of life itself.

The framework we will use is the internationally recognised Dragon Dreaming Project Design approach. This is a practical methodology and a philosophy that has enabled thousands of people in countries around the world to create collective and collaborative projects in a win-win-win way; a win for the individuals involved, a win for our communities and a win for the life of our planet. It is not necessary to be familiar with Dragon Dreaming to understand authentic celebration. The method is fractal and cyclical, meaning that we can start at any step along the way, at any scale. By doing so we will start to understand Dragon Dreaming from within one of its elements: celebration. If you already know Dragon Dreaming, it will deepen your wisdom and help you to integrate your view of projects and yourself.

Conclusion: Where to from here?

Celebratory feedback can facilitate transitions in each stage of life; it can activate movement towards your next step. Beyond Dragon Dreaming, the gift of celebratory feedback can bring us the wisdom we need in taking decisions to act upon our dreams. Once discovered, you can apply it in daily activities, during projects, within organisations, enterprises and within families. It will enrich your life as a whole. This is more than a workshop, it is a celebration of yourself, others, and life, and a path to strengthening your sense of purpose.


John Croft  is an international trainer and consultant, who for 40 years has worked in the field of ecologically sustainable community education and community economic development, in London, Paris, Geneva, and in Africa,Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia with a wide range of organisations.  He has also worked in Universities around the world, speaking at conferences, and running workshops and training programs.  He is co-founder of the Gaia Foundation of Australia and co-developer of the internationally recognised Dragon Dreaming methods of Consensual Participatory Strategic Planning for community-based projects and organisations now used in 37 countries around the world in many different settings and organisations.

Lizandra Barbuto is a Brazilian international trainer, expert in Neuroscience, Human Development and Integral Sustainability, and in Integrative Psychotherapy, in a practice that supports the search for identity and awareness through bodily movement, mental and emotional presencing and authentic freedom. She is also a facilitator of the Guide Way of Nature. She is researcher on collective wisdom, Lizandra is currently completing Master´s degree through Gaia University, in this field.  She believes that life is a gift and by taking care of our own we can enjoy this gift in the best possible way; a way that this is only possible as we become aware of ourselves and our true place in the world. John and Lizandra work together in different sustainable projects and in personal development for 3 years.

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