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In harmony with nature

Monday, 6 November, 2017

FOR 30 minutes an audience of more than 5,000 people at the Royal Albert Hall were under the spell of Stephan Harding.
Stephan, who is head of holistic science at the college, was recently invited to speak ahead of a performance by world-renowned pianist Yann Tiersen.
So on the historic stage, which has seen an array of icons from dancer Anna Pavlova, physicist Albert Einstein to musicians Yehudi Menuhin and Sergei Rachmaninoff, he shared the magic of deep ecology.
“All Yann’s work is inspired by nature so I would call him a deep ecology musician, said Stephan.  “It was a privilege to be asked to do it and a great experience to able to speak up for Gaia in such a wonderful setting, almost like a three dimensional mandala.   It was unforgettable.”
Yann’s work, Eusa, was inspired by the tiny Breton island of the same name on which he lives.  He has written a number of concertos and also music for films such as Amelie and Goodbye Lenin.
Stephan said Yann had approached him to speak after reading his book, Animate Earth, and following the life-changing experience of being chased by a mountain lion in California.
“I saw my talk as preparation for listening to his music,” said Stephan.”  Yann was very happy with it and he said that he felt he played his music more deeply as a result.“
Stephan talked to the audience about Arne Ness, Lynn Margulis and Aldo Leopold and told them to close their eyes and imagine a deep experience.
“It went better than I could have ever imagined.  The audience was very much with me,” he added.  “I also really enjoyed meeting Yann and his family.   They are very connected with the land and I feel I have met people who are my own tribe.”