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mindful thoughts for cooks
Tuesday, 13 November, 2018

COOKING can be good for the mind as well as the body according to Julia Ponsonby in her new book.

Schumacher College's head of food has just released the pocket-sized Mindful Thoughts for Cooks which underlines the importance of what we eat.  She says cooking is not only a useful meditation but it can improve our wellbeing by taking care what and how we eat every day.

Julia, who has been head of food at the College for nearly 20 years, says that in an increasingly technological age – cooking is one of the ways to truly take time time to re-connect with oneself.

“This book is looking at the way we cook, what what we eat and how we enjoy food and how we can be mindful about all those things,” she says.

"It’s about engaging in cooking in a thoughtful way.  I always look at cooking as journey of discovery."

The little book has 25 thoughtful insights into holistic health and wellbeing in which Julia shares the value of taking care in what we eat. "Most people still have access to ovens so this is also about the kitchen being the heart of the home," she adds.  "At one moment it is a debating chamber, at another a place for counselling, for making healing potions or sipping a hot drink."

Julia also reminds us how central food is to all our lives and what it represents from a celebration of family and community to how we grow, source and produce food and how we live our lives around it - whatever our culture or background.

And she says as well as being good for the wellbeing of the cook - being mindful also makes the food taste better : "I am convinced that the most successful chefs are those who bring mindfulness to their cooking without even labelling it as such."

Julia has already written two highly successful vegetarian recipe books Gaia' Kitchen and Gaia's Feasts as well as The Art of Mindful Baking, published by Green Books. All books including Mindful Thoughts (£5.99) are available from the Schumacher College Bookshop.