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Re-thinking the future in a global online forum

Re-thinking the future in a global online forum
Tuesday, 31 October, 2017

SCHUMACHER College staff and students are joining a global converstation with a mission to re-think the future.

The Disruptive Innovation Festival (Dif) is an online event with contributions from economists, entrepreneurs, designers and academics who will consider how we can challenge the status quo and do things differently.  For three weeks, from November 6 to November 24, the forum will provide a free and open opportunity for an international audience to exchange ideas.

The event, in its third year, is run by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a charity launched by the former solo long-distance yachtswoman and film writer Peter Morgan, to inspire young people to redesign future and move towards a more restorative and regenerative economy.  During the three week event over 200 hours of discussions, content, videos and debates and animation will be strived. 

The Schumacher team will be involved in three discussions:  Julie Richardson is among those who have been invited to speak at Scales of the Circular Economy, chaired by Stephan Harding. Small is beautiful with Roberto Fraquelli and Tim Crabtree will question whether the 45 year old theory by EF Schumacher is still relevant today and Ruth Potts and Michael Martin will examine whether there can be a positive side to materialism in The new materialism: matter making and politics beyond the age of automation.

You can find out more, and sign up here: here