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Schumacher College launches social media platform

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Monday, 10 September, 2018

Schumacher College has today launched an online community platform for alumni and friends.

It is hoped it will better connect the College's growing worldwide community, share news of their projects, exchange ideas and act as a springboard for new ventures.

A soft launch was held earlier in the year to refine some of the technical features of the platform, according to Schumacher Network Community Facilitator Mar Michelle Hausler, but she was delighted it was now ready.

"The platform's aim is to be an international meeting point," she said.

“I hope it will be a place where people can connect and share views on life and on events as well as being a place for group discussions. We recently had a 24 hour-wave which was fantastic – people from all over the world connecting together.”

Since Schumacher College launched in 1991 it has attracted over 20,000 people from nearly 90 countries for short courses, symposia and post graduate study.

Although the platform was principally designed with Schumacher alumni and friends in mind, Mar said it was more important that members were committed to a fairer, more sustainable world, than if they had studied at the College.  

“They may be on a remote island somewhere and would love to connect with us and share ideas.  Now we have this platform they will be able to do that." Mar Michelle Hausler, Schumacher Network Community Facilitator.

She stressed that fun was a key element of the community – and live videos of cooking in the kitchen or an online dancing session would be just as important to the life of the platform as a serious conversation about the state of the world.

“We hope that there will be some big serious discussions but also a chance for people to just hang out online,” she added.

Registering is easy and quick.

Go to and follow the steps.