News >> College archive offers reflection and inspiration in challenging times

College archive offers reflection and inspiration in challenging times

Thursday, 19 March, 2020

STEPHAN HARDING is urging those seeking answers to dive into the Schumacher College archives and explore the work of some of the world’s most extraordinary thinkers.

As many people have paused their normal activities to limit the spread of the coronavirus (Covid 19), Stephan, who was one of the very first teachers at Schumacher College, said it was an opportunity for reflection.

“Our archive is a great resource for learning these lessons for creating a deeply ecological post-pandemic world."

“We have some extraordinary material from many of the world’s leading ecological activists and thinkers who have taught here over the last 30 years as well as dissertations by our postgraduate students.”

Stephan, the Colllege's deep ecology research fellow and coordinator of the Holistic Science programme, has met almost all of the speakers who have recorded talks and interivews now held in the archives. Many of his early students have gone on to become leading figures in raising awareness of climate change.

He acknowledged that the world was facing a new challenge in already difficult circumstances, however he said there were positive aspects as well.

“There is no doubt this pandemic is stopping our madly over-consuming culture in its tracks just as climate change and biodiversity loss are ramping up to kill many more of us than the virus.

“Will we be wise enough to learn the lessons Gaia is teaching us now - that we need to localise much more?

That we need to value family, community, reflection, tranquillity and introspection?

“I encourage everyone to dive into this amazing resource and be inspired to help create the better world that hopefully is on its way.” You can enter the archives here