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Celebrating the humble bean

bean bashing
Thursday, 22 November, 2018

THERE can be few places that show their appreciation of the humble bean in quite the same way as the folk here at Schumacher College.

In what is now becoming an annual event, the traditional bean party takes place in the playroom of the old Postern.

Here, with loud music and wild excitement, students hull the dried beans, mostly by tipping them into pillowcases and smashing them against the wall or floor, to get them ready for storage and delicious winter meals.

The event is organised by agroforesty nursery coordinator Ella Sparks who has been trialling different conditions to get the optimum crop.

The humble bean is a little powerhouse of protein as it is water efficient, drought tolerant and has a low carbon footprint making it an ideal food for the future.  And with such beautiful names as Painted Lady, Czar and Badger Beans – who could resist?