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An Invitation To Join In - April Newsletter

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Friday, 21 March, 2014

We are all in it together! But in a busy, unequal and fragmented world, how do we join our voices, of all ages and cultures, to collectively improve things for all?

The Art of Invitation – Creative Engagement for Ourselves and Our Communities, 4 – 8 August

With Ruth Ben-Tovim, Anne Marie Culhane, Lucy Neal, Alan Boldon, Sarah Woods and Farzana Khan
Join this week-long course from pioneering UK artists as they investigate creative ways to bring people together for the social and ecological challenges of our time.

New Courses

This Body of Land – An Introduction to Eco-Art, 28 July – 1 August

With Ana Flores, Peter Randall Page and Susan Derges
Join us for a week of earth and art history, practice and field work as we look at the artistic tools that re-establish a sense of ‘wholeness’ within ourselves and the natural world.

The Green Man – Rewilding our Masculinity, 21 – 25 July

With Chris Salisbury and Sebastian Kelly
Join this ‘circle of merry men in the greenwood’ to explore your relationship with the Wild Earth through outdoor skills, traditional craft and immersive nature experiences.

A Maker’s Journey, 16 – 20 June

With Richenda Macgregor, Nick Kary, Dolly Kary, and Duncan Passmore
What does it mean to live a hand-made life? Through stories, clay, pigment and wood, we will explore the relationship between our hands, nature’s materials and each other.

Bursaries available

Thanks for generous funding from the Full Circle Foundation, we can now offer bursaries on the following short courses:
Exploring the Microcosmos – New Paradigms from Microbial Communities, 26 – 30 May

With Sandor Katz, Eva Bakkeslett, Stephan Harding and Philip Franses
 Join fermentation guru Sandor Katz and friends for a fascinating look at the world of microbes and how we can use it to reconnect in surprising ways to the natural world. Plenty of fermenting!
Click here for more information and booking

READ: My Microbes, Therefore I Am: Fermentation, Health, and Human Identity By Joanna Wright
Journey of the Universe – A New Story for Our Times, 23 – 27 June

With Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim
 An inspirational week that sets the context for our ‘Great Work’ in the world – inspired by Thomas Berry