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A New 'Quiet' Garden for Schumacher College.

putting stone in garden
Thursday, 11 July, 2019

Schumacher College has a new place for meditation and reflection.

It was formerly known as the Stewards Garden and been as been left to grow wild in the last 12 months. Now the growing team has cut a small path through the long grass to lead to a small seating area surrounding a stone cairn.

In a small ceremony with the current horticulture students Satish Kumar, co-founder of Schumacher College, laid a ‘heart’ stone in the centre of the cairn.

“A space for solitude in any public place is of paramount importance. In solitude we can experience calm contemplation.

"That is why we have established a place, with a heart-shaped stone, at Schumacher College where one can go and enjoy silence and tranquillity without being disturbed. This contemplative corner is surrounded by beautiful bushes, wild flowers, fragrant grasses and speaking trees.

"Everyone is, invited to come here and be blessed with the peace of mind and harmony of heart.”