Horticulture Programmes

Horticulture Programmes

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Food is at the heart of Schumacher College as it nourishes our learning community on many levels. Much of our learning happens around the kitchen table or while harvesting or peeling carrots, and consideration of how we can grow our food in a sustainable, regenerative way is central to our activities.

We are pleased to be offering are popular Sustainable Growing Online course again this year, starting 1 March. Follow this link to be taken to the booking page and register your place on the 3 or 6 month version with our Head Gardener Colum Pawson.

Our horticultural students join a rich, six month immersive programme, learning how to maintain and restore soil and ecosystem health alongside a broad range of food growing techniques.

Growing for the kitchen and community gives you a dynamic experience of the challenges and solutions around producing food. By engaging with a local food system, both here on the estate and further afield, you have to engage with a range of issues, from food sovereignty, our place within the natural world, as well as what it means to be a conscious consumer.

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Schumacher Practical Residency In Sustainable Horticulture

Join us for an exciting opportunity to learn the practical skills needed to grow food and practice horticulture whilst working with nature and biological cycles. The current mainstream food system has left land across the world in need of profound healing and repair. If you are willing to try new approaches to help achieve this, then this six month residency is for you. Explore with us how to protect and restore the soil, foster and sustain a healthy ecosystem, use renewable resources whilst growing an abundance of delicious vegetables for use in the College kitchens.

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Forest Gardens and Edible Ecosystems

With Martin Crawford, Caroline Aitken, Ella Sparks and Jane Gleeson

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Learn how to design, implement, and maintain forest gardens and other sustainable agroecological systems. Participants will experience both recently planted and well established 25-year old forest gardens, as well as other agroforestry in and around Dartington.Includes sessions on harvesting, preserving and cooking with forest garden produce.

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Gardening as a Spiritual Practice

With Emma Clark, Satish Kumar and June Mitchell

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Gardening has a profound impact on the heart and soul. There will be talks by Satish Kumar on how we are all connected via the profound spiritual essence that is Nature and how through gardening we can connect intimately with nature; and by an expert on Islamic gardens, Emma Clark, on how gardening may be seen as a sacred art and on the spiritual symbolism of the Paradise Garden. Your experience will also include walks around the beautiful Dartington grounds and Qigong bamboo exercises led by the well-known and experienced practitioner June Mitchell.

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Organic Gardening for soil health 2021: A beginner’s guide to growing soils for healthy produce and people

With Jane Gleeson, Colum Pawson and Julia Ponsonby

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This course will set you up with the basics of how to garden in a way that looks after the people, the plants and the whole ecosystem. Learn how to sow seeds, make great compost, look after your soil all in a way that restores the connection between human life and soil life.

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