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Schumacher Worldwide

Schumacher Worldwide will seed educational programmes that are rooted in place and connected internationally to help grow a global movement for sustainable transformation. 

In partnership with like-minded organisations, our teachers and alumni we will:

  • broaden our reach and influence, internationally,
  • increase access to Schumacher College teachings by offering affordable and flexible learning programmes that combine on-line learning with in-country residentials to reduce air travel and carbon footprint,
  • co-create a decentralised network of like-minded learning communities and educational hubs across sectors, cultures and generations to catalyse system wide transformation,
  • contribute to the financial sustainability of the Schumacher College by creating learning opportunities that are not constrained by our current physical capacity.

Schumacher Worldwide will comprise three main programme areas:

Worldwide Learning: A programme of courses that comprise on-line learning courses with local elements delivered internationally in collaboration with like-minded educational organisations, our teachers and alumni.

Worldwide Partnerships: This includes the collaborations with like-minded organisations and learning communities to help deliver education for sustainable living, worldwide.

Worldwide Networking: An online platform will enable people and organisations to connect, collaborate and learn.

Funding required:

£100,000 to digitise the Schumacher archive of material

£150,000 to create and incubate a worldwide on-line network linking like-minded individuals who can initiate positive changes in their region

£150,000 to create and coordinate a worldwide partnership between like-minded organisations to expand access to Schumacher College’s existing transformational learning opportunities

£100,000 for new course development with international partners

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