Events >> EarthTalk: Merging garden city heritage with a food forest in Amsterdam - Debra Solomon

EarthTalk: Merging garden city heritage with a food forest in Amsterdam - Debra Solomon

Urbaniahoeve Organic Horticulture & Enlightened Agriculture
Wednesday, 11 February, 2015 - 20:00

Since 2012, the Urbaniahoeve Foundation, is working together with partners and locals to develop Foodscape Wildeman, a food forest in the public space of the Wildeman neighbourhood of Amsterdam New West. A food forest, by definition, is integrated in the existing environment/landscape, but is still a most productive form of agriculture. Debra will talk about Urbaniahoeve's efforts to adapt the cultural heritage of the existing garden city landscape architecture of Amsterdam Nieuw West, whilst prioritising the eco-system and implementing necessary, in situ topsoil production.

Venue: Refectory, Higher Close, Dartington Estate, TQ9 6EL
Date: Wednesday 11 February 2015
Time: 8pm - 10:00 pm
Entrance: £5.00 / £4.00 concessions.

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Telephone: 01803 847070

Debra Solomoneaches Enlightened Agriculture and Sustainable Agriculture

Debra is a conceptual artist based in Amsterdam, founder of Urbaniahoeve (‘the city as our farm’), a Social Design Lab for Urban Agriculture, which develops edible, ecological landscapes in the public space and produces fertile soils out of urban waste streams. Urbaniahoeve's conceptual roots are in the Land Art movement of the 1960's and 70's, in particular artist Robert Smithson's 'Non-site' installations from 1969.

Debra’s commissions include a soil remediation installation for Amsterdam-based project Farming the City and two ‘edible schoolyard’ initiatives in Amsterdam, transforming concrete to vegetable gardens using mushroom cultivation and worm composting. Debra’s exhibitions include a poster as part of exhibition Dirt Dialogues at the 20th World Congress of Soil Science, in South Korea and Foodprint - Food for the City for Stroom Den Haag in The Hague. Debra has lectured at the Dutch Art Institute, Utrecht School of the Arts, University of California and Design Academy Eindhoven. From 2005 to 2012 she was the author of, a weblog about food, food culture and the culture that grows our food that at the height of its popularity enjoyed 70,000 individual readers per month.

Debra will be at Schumacher College as part of Soil Culture, a project led by the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, using the arts to inspire a deeper public understanding of the importance of soil.

URBANIAHOEVE Social Design Lab for Urban Agriculture

Urbaniahoeve Social Design Lab for Urban Agriculture produces edible landscapes in the public space of the city, transforming existing urban monocultures into an edible ecological framework. Urbaniahoeve was founded in the Netherlands in 2010 by Debra Solomon (artist, independent urban agriculture researcher), joined by Mariska van den Berg (art historian, writer, researcher of bottom-up public space infrastructure) in 2012. Urbaniahoeve initiates and coordinates structural forms of urban agriculture in the public space by creating a contiguous, resplendent, fertile, and edible ecological framework in the existing public space of the city. As producers of (food system) infrastructure, creating park-like food forests, food-bearing ecosystems, their small-scale urban agriculture projects strategically contribute to a marked increase in biodiversity in situ, the greening of the city as a whole, and produce fertile soils out of urban waste streams.