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The Joy Of Six: Online Earth Talk Series

Wednesday, 3 June, 2020 - 20:00


Schumacher College presents a new earth talk series ‘the joy of six’. The series will feature six inspirational and informative online earth talks with our leading contributors including Chris Johnstone, Jonathan Dawson in conversation with David Holyoake, Rupert Read and Skeena Rathor, Jenny Mackewn, Manda Scott and Terry Irwin. Each presenter is talking about their specialist subject but in relation to Covid 19 and the global crisis. This is the main theme that will link the whole series but from six different perspectives. Each perspective is connected to our Schumacher values.

Through this series we hope to inform and educate on subjects such as personal resilience, eco-spirituality and conscious evolution. Our time is now to seize the opportunity to make a real difference. Please join us for the joy of six over the next six consecutive Wednesday evenings. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers. 

We are delighted to let you know that The Joy Of Six Online Earth Talk Series is part of the Gift Economy – meaning you can join without charge. You may chose to give a donation to help support Schumacher College programmes for which we would be grateful at checkout.


Transformative Resilience in a Time of Covid Crisis with Dr Chris Johnstone

Wednesday 29th April - 8pm BST

Resilience is a strength, skillset and capacity that helps us deal with difficult times.  With the extraordinary challenges we face in this current Covid crisis, we need to draw upon and develop our resilience perhaps more than ever before. Yet there is a need for more than simply bouncing back to how things were before. Crisis can be turning point, and transformative resilience is about making the turnings we hope for more likely. 

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After the pandemic: seizing the opportunity with Jonathan Dawson and David Holyoake

6 May 2020 - 8pm BST

Explore how some powerful ideas from alternative economics and communications could be welded to strategic effect in the current moment; and how the arts can help to advance and elaborate this. The strange chemistry generated by the bringing together of these two disciplines can help spark and shift the frames of our own thinking and activism at this potent moment.

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Eco-spirituality at the moment of our last chance With Dr Rupert Read followed by Skeena Rathor

13 May 2020 - 8pm BST

How, though the odds against that transformation being full and deep and fast enough may still seem very high if one faces reality open-eyed, precisely that is our spiritual task at this moment, as ‘contemplative activists’: to look the truth in the eye, tell it without reservation, and rise up to meet the challenge. Everything is in divine order: for we can grow to be as big as the challenge.

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Co creating the emerging future: 7 Skills for taking a lead during and after the Corona Crisis With Jenny Mackewn 

20 May 2020 - 8pm BST

Jenny Mackewn explores what sort of leadership is needed during and after the corona virus crisis
She reviews the experiences of the last two or three months – identifying both the tragedies and the miracles of a global crisis like no other - conveying just how unpredictable and uncertain the future has become. We need a new style of leadership that makes working with uncertainty and unpredictability central. A style of leadership which is enquiring, experimental, strong yet flexible, nimble, emergent. co-creative and collaborative as never before.

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Conscious Evolution with Manda Scott

27 May 2020 - 8pm BST

Manda Scott believes that we are on the edge of the next evolutionary step and that it is one of consciousness, consciously chosen: that we are now the conscious creators of our own destiny - but that we can only make it if we work as an integral part of the wider web of the More than Human world.

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COVID-19: Looking at the pandemic through the lens of Transition Design With Professor Terry Irwin

Wednesday 3rd June - 8pm BST

In this talk, Terry Irwin, Professor and Director of the Transition Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (and graduate of the MSc in Holistic Science, Schumacher College) will introduce Transition Design, an approach for addressing complex systems problems and catalyzing systems level change. She will also discuss COVID-19 through the lens of Transition Design and look at its roots, the interrelated way in which it affected the U.S. and explore some of the positive and innovative responses that are emerging as a result.

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