Events >> Earth Talk: An Ancient Journey - The story of our stone age camp in the wilderness

Earth Talk: An Ancient Journey - The story of our stone age camp in the wilderness

Wednesday, 25 February, 2015 - 20:00

We lived for a few ancient, timeless weeks in the Pacific Northwest mountains.  Everything we carried and wore we crafted ourselves from raw materials of earth, skin, bone and stone.  Diving deep into nature, clan and ourselves, living in our full humanity upon this Earth.  Returning with gratitude and joy, and the deep well of grief at where we are as a people.

Jessie and Jane have just returned from a 6 month journey into the Stone Age. Having spent many months gathering wild food,and crafting and making everything they would need to become part of a Stone Age clan they then ventured out into the mountains to live as long as they could totally stone age.

Join them for an evening of stories, images, discussion, questions and a full display of their stone age belongings.

Venue: Refectory, Higher Close, Dartington Estate, TQ9 6EL
Date: Wednesday 25 February 2015
Time: 8pm - 10:00 pm
Entrance: £5.00 / £4.00 concessions.

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Telephone: 01803 847070



Jessie is on a path of rewilding, reconnecting, reskilling and remembering. Weaving together a deep reskilling through making and crafting using natural materials, with immersing herself in the natural world and learning the ways of our ancestors.

Jessie's love of nature and our earth began young, growing up in the Devon countryside. After being disappointed by the disconnection of her Environmental Science Degree, she returned to the Devon soil to work at Embercombe. Here she began beekeeping, horticulture, facilitating on a number of programmes and a deepening journey of nature connection. A year of bushcraft training with Trackways further supported this, with a survival quest opening her eyes fully to the abundance of the earth.

For years Jane has been fascinated with taking away all things modern and experiencing herself, deep in the web as a wild human on earth. For six years now Jane has been diving in, living outside, and trusting our mother. Taking part in the trackways year long gave her the inspiration and trust needed to deepen the journey.
Since then she has been in the United States as a student of Lynx Vilden, a primitive skills teacher who prepares her students to walk into the wilderness with her completely stone age. These skills and practises bring her alive.
She works at Embercombe taking groups onto the land, working with all ages but mainly young adults. In addition, she has worked for a number of forest schools and different charities doing nature connection practise and is now looking to step deeper into profound rites of passage work for young people.