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Earth Talks: Back To The Land 2.0 with John Thackara

Wednesday, 28 June, 2017 - 20:00

With John Thackara

Around the world, new approaches to regional and territorial development are reshaping links between town and country. Examples include food system platforms; fibersheds and grainsheds; biodiversity and river recovery; social and High Nature Value farming; land-based learning and ecomuseums; code clubs and the maker movement; ecological restoration; civic ecology; biorefining.

Every region, it seems, can be a living laboratory for innovation as its social and ecological assets are combined and connected in new ways. These hybrid approaches to innovation are are centred on people and place, tech enabled, and design-led.

John Thackara travels the world in search of practical projects that restore the planet and realize a sustainable future. John writes about these stories online ( and in books; his most recent is How To Thrive In the Next Economy (Thames & Hudson 2015).  John curated the celebrated Doors of Perception conference for 20 years– first in Amsterdam, later across India - and has led place-discovery workshops in 40 countries.


John has travelled the world in his search of stories about the practical steps taken by communities to realise a sustainable future. He writes about these stories online, and in books, and has used them in workshops in more than 30 countries. A Senior Fellow at the Royal College of Art, John's latest book is How To Thrive In The Next Economy. Last year, John co-led a course at Schumacher called Bioregionalism By Design

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Venue: Playroom, The Old Postern, Schumacher College
Date: Wednesday 28 June, 2017
Time: 8:00 pm
Entrance: £5.00/£4.00 Concession

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