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ChangeLAB in Action - Anne Solgaard

Workbook in Creativity from the Edge of Chaos

By Anne Solgaard MSc in Holistic Science Schumacher College


Welcome to a journey about the dynamics of creativity. In this paper, which I call a workbook, I will look at the source of creativity both as a cosmic phenomenon born out of chaos as well as a response to and expression of different ways of knowing. I will address creativity from a perspective of holistic science; henceforth my attention is on convergent and multifaceted approaches in quest of insight and momentum to foster creativity for individuals in groups.

The paper has three distinct sections. In chapter one I will give an account of the perspective from which the paper is written. This includes a brief account of my reading of our modern day ecological crisis, and the hitches of perceptions I see associated with this. Having set the stage, I will in chapter two look at underpinning concepts and frameworks for an emergent scientific approach to value and explore the unpredictable nature of creativity. I will take the reader from an account of traditional science via an appreciation of divers knowing via the edge of chaos and to ideas of designing the future as it emerges.

The theory prepares the ground for the practical approaches to fostering movement of mind, heart and body. In chapter three I highlight three movement maps to bring about change that manifest in day-today life. In chapter four it is all about unlashing, exploring, testing, trying. I present a myriad of design and ideas that can help in unlashing creativity. There is no size fits all, and some approaches may work for one person, where as others will work for several groups. This is also the nature of chapter four.

The fifth chapter is meant to demonstrate an amalgamation of the theoretical and practical aspects, however as it often is when we try to combine one and two to get three, the result is something very different. This time it became five. An incredible workshop where little went according to plan, and the input, recommendations and commitments far exceeded expectations. Go figure – that’s creativity in action!

Finally, finally, finally, the circle will reach some sort of completion. I bring you back to the objective and to the heart of lessons learned, for me to me, and perhaps also to you?