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Vocational Courses

Our craft courses, vocational apprenticeships and trainings offer practical and hands-on skills for life and work using the learning-by-doing model of Schumacher College.

Crafted At Dartington

Come and try out our exciting new craft courses and events at The Chicken Shed Studio at Schumacher College and Dartington.


Schumacher Practical Residency In Sustainable Horticulture 2020

Join us for an exciting opportunity to learn the practical skills needed to grow food and practice horticulture whilst working with nature and biological cycles. Our current mainstream food system is in need of profound healing and repair. If you are willing to try new approaches to help achieve this, then this six month residency is for you. Explore with us how to protect and restore the soil, foster and sustain a healthy ecosystem, use renewable resources whilst growing an abundance of delicious vegetables for use in the college kitchens.